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On this occasion I will share Autotext humorous and unique that is sure to fuel the blackberry. Already in Autotext know what it is. It's too if you BB users, if you do not know what it is autotext. AutoText is a facility in BlackBerry, where if there are words or certain emosion frequently used, then we no longer need to repeatedly write or to copy and paste, but just enter the words or emosion it to the list of autotext. Where in autotext was there "Replace" and "With", "Replace" please use the word replacement of words or emosion which is often used, eg "heh", after that section "With" please enter the word or emosion earlier, Thereafter the save. With it we can use the word "heh" continued to press the spacebar (space) then came the words or emosion earlier. Well here I provide autotext that often I and my friends using on BBM, downloaded and used to live.

Here are some examples autotextnya.

For Installing, please use DM (Desktop Manager) BlackBerry, and use facility restore, and then choose file autotext.ipd , have you downloaded. To download autotext please click here
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obat TBC
Monday, April 04, 2011 ×

keren sekaloi nih informasinya sangat bermanfaat gan , salam kenal aja gan

Friday, April 08, 2011 ×

mantap sekali nih sob, sangat bermanfaat nih, ane mau download dulu yah


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