Mobile Partner mobile software is one that is important for you who to support in particular vodafone modem device. Because without a mobile partner,  modems will not be recognized by the computer system. Some modem vodafone usually already equipped with mobile partners but are usually not yet upgraded their versions so that there are some features that can not be used.

Ical examples like the use of vodafone K3520, where mobile software partners who have been many shortcomings, such as feature phones, phone books and call lists are not available.

Ical out below for you all the latest versions of mobile partner for K3520 series vodafone modem and others, where the plugin is complete, between:

- About Plugins
- Address Book Plugin
- Call Log Plugin
- Call Plugin
- Device Manager Plugin
- Diagnosa Plugin
- Dial Up Plugin
- Layout Plugin
- Locale Manager Plugin
- Menu Manager Plugin
- NDIS Plugin
- Net Connect Plugin
- Net Info Plugin
- net Setting Plugin
- SMS Plugin
- Setting Ui Plugin
- Status Bar Plugin

Print screen Mobile Partner

For Download Click Link Below :

Mobile Partner Part 1
Mobile Partner Part 2
Mobile Partner Part 3
Mobile Partner Part 4
Mobile Partner Part 5
Mobile Partner Part 6
Mobile Partner Part 7
Mobile Partner Part 8
Mobile Partner Part 9
Mobile Partner Part 10
Mobile Partner Part Executed

Install Instruction:
Extract all file, and move them to a folder , then Double click Mobile file.
After Executed file have been created, click that to install program.
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Bisa buat modem E220 gk nih???

Gan, kok g ada menu call kaya digambar gan...?? Gimana ya?.

bs g bwt modem huawei e160, trus ap tiap kali plug modem to usb hrs ngeremove software bawaanya gan..?

ngeremove software otomatis gan pas firmware baru di install, untuk e160 blum ical coba,,, dicoba aja gan nnti ada notifikasi koq, kompatibel atau tidak...

beeuh, gak iklas ya shob? udh suruh rate, file 10MB dibagi 11 split, tiap split dikasih, hosting di ziddu pula, cape dee... hadeeh..
mbok yo dibagi beberapa aja, jgn sebegitunya pngin dpt untung dr pop up & klik,
skian, mau di approve ato gk komen ini terserah ente, salam RCM.

@atas : kalau mas donwload ga ikhlas, ga usah aja mas, ical ga maksa koq buat di download, ical peruntukkan buat yang mau saja,,,

fren bisa buat modem ZTE MF180 gak?

bisa gak sob untuk modem Huawei E153

thanks sob :) mampir ya ke blog ane hehe

Mas, tolong ada gk driver untuk modem logo 3 ZX 701 tapi yang bisa di detect dengan mdma. tolong kasih link nya ya mas. thanks before.

Mas bisa nggak dipasang di modem 3G conection

gan ane minta driver Modem ZX701 Logo 3
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